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Amanda ([personal profile] briar_rose) wrote2009-11-01 08:09 pm

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I've been working on a painting for my girlfriend Lindsay's (belated) wedding gift. Unfortunately, I hated how the first one turned out, so I started again. I think the paper just wasn't big enough for doing a full background and small figures, or my brushes weren't tiny enough, so the end result was rather muddled and overly-cartoony. Anyway! Here's the sketch for the next try:

Lindsay is an Hellenic polytheist, so after some research, I've included: A double sided vase for pre-wedding ablutions, an owl, peacock feathers, pomegranate and a diadem crown. I've been trying to slow my art process down and think more carefully about each step, instead of feeling I have to finish everything asap (why???) and doing poor quality work. Honestly, most paintings I finish in about two sittings, which means things aren't especially well thought out and I don't take the new time to try new techniques. Next I'll be figuring out which colours I should use. I'm trying to look to my favourite artists as inspiration, especially the symbolist painters for this one.